The abundant and diverse wildlife habitats that characterize the watershed provide fine opportunities for hunting. The region is replete with second growth hardwood forests, meadows and brushy edges, conifer thickets, wetlands and croplands. Deer and turkey are the principal big game species sought by hunters, and these are complemented by an array of upland birds and small game species, as well as migratory waterfowl hunting in the watershed’s wetlands. In order to enhance the recreational opportunities in the watershed FCVC has opened many of our conserved properties to the public for a variety of recreational uses including hunting See map.

To ensure the safety of all property users we ask that people wishing to hunt on our properties fill out our Hunter Registration Form. This registration provides us with valuable information as it relates to managing the properties for hunting access and helps us keep these properties open to the public. FCVC does NOT share the registration information with any other organization.

If you are interested in trapping on FCVC property please call our main office (814-337-4321) for more information.