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The abundant and diverse wildlife habitats that characterize the watershed provide fine opportunities for hunting. The region is replete with second growth hardwood forests, meadows and brushy edges, conifer thickets, wetlands and croplands. Deer and turkey are the principal big game species sought by hunters, and these are complemented by an array of upland birds and small game species, as well as migratory waterfowl hunting in the watershed’s wetlands.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission owns approximately 21,340 acres on 25 state game land properties in the French Creek Watershed that are open to public hunting. The Erie National Wildlife Refuge consists of 8,800 acres of land located in two parcels, one in the Muddy Creek sub-basin near Cambridge Springs, and the other straddling the Sugar and Woodcock Creek sub-basins east of Meadville. These are the largest tracts of publicly owned land in the watershed, and are open to public hunting in designated areas.