Organizational History

The Conneaut Lake-French Creek Valley Conservancy was formed in 1982 by Dr. John and Betty Bailey in response to the proposed use of chemical herbicides to control weed growth in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania’s largest natural lake and an important outlet to French Creek. The organization was formed along with other concerned citizens and was administered by a volunteer board of directors from 1982 until 2008 when the first part-time Project Manager was hired. Currently FCVC is managed day to day by both full time and part time staff and advised by a volunteer board of directors. See the Meet the FCVC Team page for details.

The Conneaut Valley-French Creek Conservancy shortened its name to French Creek Valley Conservancy (FCVC) in 2005 to better represent its focus on permanent land protection efforts throughout the French Creek Watershed.

The first property FCVC acquired was “Walkers Landing” in 1993, which was donated for permanent stewardship and protection. That year, the inaugural French Creek Clean-up event was also held with support from The Nature Conservancy.

The Moss Easement, granted in 2000, was the first landowner partnership in the French Creek watershed for the express purpose of procuring conservation easements as a means of permanent land protection. Since then, the Conservancy has been acquiring properties by various conservation methods throughout the watershed. See the current list of properties in the Protecting Land page.

Since 2003, FCVC has recognized individuals at the annual dinner for their outstanding work in the watershed. Listed below are the recipients of those awards.

French Creek Awards

Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award

The Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award is a special award named in honor of Betty and the late Dr. John Bailey, founders of French Creek Valley Conservancy. This award recognizes the enduring efforts of those persons dedicated and working in the long-term for the conservation of our unique and rich landscape. It is a rare and unique individual who will have exhibited a lifetime of extraordinary passion for, and achievements in, conservation as the Baileys did. For this reason, this award is given irregularly.

2003- John and Betty Bailey
2004- Dick Krear
2005- Wayne Stainbrook
2006- Jim Holden
2007- Jean Stull Cunningham
2008- Jonathan Helmreich
2009- Ginny Crowe
2010- Karlin Marsh
2011- John Oliver
2012- No award given
2013- Bob and Kit Concilus
2014- Lynn Sandieson
2015- Charles Bier
2016- Ann Sand
2017- No award given
2018- No award given

Friend of French Creek Award

The friend of French Creek award is given annually to recognize the dedicated work of persons and organizations who have taken the lead in protecting French Creek for future generations.

2007- Judith Acker
2008- Jim Palmer
2009- Allegheny College
2010- Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
2011- Darran Crabtree and Todd Sampsell
2012- No Award Given
2013- Troy and Lynn Firth
2014- Creek Connections
2015- Dan Henninger
2016- Davitt Woodwell and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council
2017- Greg Kedzierski
2018- Crawford County Senior Environmental Corps. Dick and Patty Runnels
2019- Ducks Unlimited