The French Creek Valley Conservancy is a private 501(c)3 non-profit land trust dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the exceptional water quality, natural habitat, biological diversity and recreational opportunities of the French Creek Watershed in Northwest Pennsylvania. We are nationally accredited through the Land Trust Alliance (LTA). Our work in land protection, stewardship, education and community outreach is supported by our members, donors and partners. Our small staff is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of concerned citizens who value the watershed.

As an accredited land trust, the French Creek Valley Conservancy works with landowners who voluntarily wish to protect the conservation values of their property. These values include wildlife, unique natural areas, forests, agricultural lands and the overall health of French Creek and its tributaries. Protected properties help to ensure the watershed will not be adversely developed while wildlife, habitat and water quality is preserved and public access to recreational opportunities are protected.

A land trust such as FCVC may acquire land outright either by buying it or when it is donated. Another option is for Conservancy staff to work with a property owner to place a conservation easement on the land to protect it forever. A conservation easement means that the private ownership of the land is maintained and the property can be sold, but the land trust then works with future property owners to ensure that the conservation values of the land are protected forever. Depending on the wishes of the donating landowner working with the organization, land trust owned properties are typically open for public use for passive recreation activities.


A clean and healthy French Creek watershed appreciated and protected by its residents, partners and neighbors.


To promote the environmental integrity of the French Creek watershed, and to advocate the protection of its natural resources for the aesthetic, ecological, recreational, and economic benefit of all, through the coordination of land protection, education, and research.

If you are interested in learning more about the conservation options available for your land, see our Encouraging Conservation page or call us at 814-337-4321.