Have you ever canoed or kayaked on French Creek? As a Pennsylvania designated Water Trail, French Creek is a perfect place for enjoying the water. Check out this video for a personal story about the ‘French Creek experience’.

Filmed by Video Veritas (1:07)

The French Creek Watershed  has a rich and significant historical legacy. Check out this video for a snapshot of the role the Watershed played in sparking the French and Indian War.

Filmed by Video Veritas (1:08)

French Creek has a storied history as a fishery. Warm water species like smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and musky are abundant.  See the video to the left of ‘The Musky Fisherman’ for some great footage of some of the large game fish caught in the Creek.

Filmed by Video Veritas (0:57)

“On Rare Waters” a video introduction to French Creek

Filmed by Video Veritas (0:58)